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EACH SET INCLUDES: 1 Pair of Frame Cores, Axle Hardware, "Ukraine Forever" Graphic Insert Set (designed by Chris Piascik), & Clear Shields.


For each pair of frames sold, Ukraine charities will receive a $40 donation. Please check out our Instagram post for the full story and how this came about.




Patented Customizable Graphic Display System

Newer, Faster, Stronger Material Composition

28 Grams Lighter Than Previous Versions

Precision Center H-Block Groove


56mm Max Flat Rocker Setup, 59mm Max Anti & Freestyle Setup

8mm Axle Frame Hardware

Made In The U.S.A.

UFS Compatible

"Ukraine Forever" Fundraiser OG Custom Graphic Frames

  • Includes: a set of Frame Cores, a set of Graphic Inserts, a set of Protective Clear Shields, & a set of 8mm Axle Hardware.

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