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One pair of frame cores, axle hardware, one set(4) of Chris Piascik x Create Originals printed color cardstock graphic inserts, and one set(4) of clear protective shields. Available in multiple frame colorways.


CPxCO Multi Color Front & Back Print T-Shirt.


CPxCO Custom Sharpie (3 Pack).


CPxCO Sticker Sheet.


For each of these capsules sold Chris will receive a royalty of $10 for the frames and $5 for the shirt.



Patented Customizable Graphic Display System

Newer, Faster, Stronger Material Composition

28 Grams Lighter Than Previous Versions

Precision Center H-Block Groove


56mm Max Flat Rocker Setup, 59mm Max Anti & Freestyle Setup

8mm Axle Frame Hardware

Made In The U.S.A.

UFS Compatible

CP x CO Capsule • Custom Graphic Frames


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