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Create Originals Best Trick Results - March 5th 2023 

1st Place(68.75% Vote): Top Porn to Back Backslide Pivot Alley-oop Top Porn - Juise Money

2nd Place(11.45% Vote): Wallride Gap Transfer - Eric Woods

3rd Place(10.42% Vote): Negative Torque Soul to Soyale  - Will Lyons

Thanks again to everyone for coming to the session, it was a great time. You all killed it. It was amazing to see so much current and future talent on display, which was especially great for all the beginners who were also in attendance and got to experience it firsthand. The Boston scene is definitely in good hands.

Also Happy 44th birthday again to one of our older statesmen Steve Pugliese and thanks to all the OGs who showed up like Johnny Wu & Jeremy Pennacchini. I’m sure these guys inspired many of you locals growing up.

So we’ll be doing this again soon for sure and let’s keep these weekly group sessions(street or park) going all year long! Grateful for all these sessions over 30 years. Thanks to all our Boston blade fam, past, present, and future.




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